Remembering when Y-93 had Bruce Elscott

Remember the funniest guy ever heard on Bismarck-Mandan radio?  His name is Bruce Elscott, and the guy is just plain hilarious.  Too bad he’s no longer in town.  I remember when we both worked for Meyer Broadcasting, although we never really bumped into each other much.  I also remember seeing Bruce at the state capitol grounds a couple of times at night, back when that was a popular hangout.  Nowadays I believe you’ll get in trouble for loitering at the capitol after dark, and Bruce has moved on before the dismantling of the Meyer empire and Y-93 took a permanent nose dive.

I was digging through old sound files on my computer when I found this one, which was a parody Bruce did while goofing around.  I’m not sure if it actually made it on Y-93 or not…but here it is:

If you don’t see play and volume controls, roll over the bottom of the picture with your mouse and they should appear.

I keep in touch with Bruce on Facebook from time to time to let him know that Bismarck remembers him (and the glory days of Y-93).

One thought on “Remembering when Y-93 had Bruce Elscott

  1. I am so glad you remember him & thank you!! I was a tween listening to Bruce in Bis. at that time. He was so kind and funny, I would call in & make song requests probably daily 1985 – 86. He always took my calls. He blasted out just pure joy and silly riffs, even over the phone. And then he played my jam within an hour or so! Wonderful guy, such a happy memory of growing up in Bis.
    (Another being an Mtv pilot city: hooked in1981

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