If you’re going to make a typo, do it in a spelling bee article

My mom saved a recent issue of the Mandan News for me because of this article. It features a certain little blond-haired boy who won the city & county spelling bee. I thought it would be cool for my scrapbook, but then my “typo reflex” kicked in.

I have this thing where I catch misspellings even in my peripheral vision…it’s almost spooky. In this case, a capital N was screaming at me. Now I suppose people will start asking if my mom is a nurse or something! The irony of a typo in a spelling bee article isn’t lost on me. My mom asked me if the article makes me feel old. Of course not.

As far as the full version of “F” goes, I am one of those privacy types. Sure, it’s pretty easy to figure out my last name from other miscellaneous details over the past two years…but I’m not going to just broadcast it. I’m not hiding, just trying to be a little cautious.

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