Thanks for pushing me past 450 Facebook likes…here, have some panoramas

I started this blog as an online photo diary, so I’m not really concerned about driving up social media likes.  In fact, if all attention to this thing dried up completely I’d still be posting away, typing my drivel and business as usual.  Having said that, I’m still surprised by the amount of traffic I see.  Now that I have a Facebook page for this blog I’m starting to see the response ramp up there as well.  Thank you all for apparently finding my photos and/or musings interesting enough to follow.

I’ve been playing around with panoramas a little bit lately via a number of means.  First, there are 360 degree apps for iOS that are pretty cool.  Next is the built-in panorama feature that arrived with my iPhone 5.  Third is the photo stitcher in Photoshop.  I also have the one that came with my Canon cameras, but I don’t use that one.  Here are some of the results.  Note that clicking on the image will bring up a larger version in a new window.


pano_rooftop_091712I got the opportunity to climb a tall building at the same time as a call from my wife telling me that the clouds were amazing.  She wasn’t kidding.


pano_riverboat_0811Here’s a panorama from the front of the Lewis & Clark riverboat as we slowly chugged toward the Northern Pacific railroad bridge.


pano_sandbar_0757This is a cool blue sunset from one of my little boys’ favorite sandbars.  They’re chasing a toad behind me, so they don’t appear on camera playing in the sand here.


pano_ftlincoln_0464The clouds advancing on us as I showed the fellas the old cemetery at Fort Abraham Lincoln were very striking.  The sunset had just waned and we were ready to march back to the truck and load up our bikes.


pano_fireworks_0611Setting up for our own Independence Day celebration.  The capitol and rodeo grounds had nothing on this show.  It was spectacular!  The food was good, too…and parking was easy.


pano_clouds_0745This surprised me as Sam Sprynczynatyk and I were about to set up the crane and preparing our lighting gear for the video shoot for Tigirlily’s new single, which was released via the Internet yesterday.  I snapped a quick panorama before setting up the gear and waiting for the girls to arrive.


pano_camera_0368Getting Camera 1 ready for the monster truck show.  My little guys visited me at work that night, and they were pretty enthralled.  A couple of nights before they’d watched me on the roof of a local hospital, shooting video and stills of the helicopter landing and taking off.  Daddy’s got a pretty cool job, they said…but their uncle is a MAILMAN!  I guess I can’t top that.


pano_sunset_0714More sandbar stuff, because I have made good use of the tail end of the summer in order to enjoy sand, sun, Spyro Gyra, my sweetie, and my sons.  Superb.


pano_bubblebliss_0781“Bubble Bliss” at the Gateway to Science Center.   I think I’ll still be posting and blogging about that sometime soon, if I get the time.  I got encapsulated in a very large bubble, which was a new experience.


pano_flags_0451Each of these flags represents a murder.  It’s part of a traveling display to bring awareness to the blight of abortion on North Dakota.  I long for the day when such tragedies never take place in our great state.


pano_sunset_27158There’s no dramatic foreground or interesting perspective here; I just loved the colors of this sunset so much that I pulled over on a hill along Valley Drive, just south of the playground, and snapped a few shots to stitch together in Photoshop.  I’d just taken my little boy to TCBY for rainbow yogurt to tell him how proud Daddy is of him, and the sun provided us with quite a spectrum of its own.  I didn’t get a blue tongue from it, however.

Once again, clicking on these photos will bring up a larger version.  They’re not full-size, however; the largest one of this is over 880 MB!  Prints are always available, of course.  Thanks again for the likes and supporting this online photo diary with your following.  I hope to provide plenty more interesting material in the future.

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