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legacy_blogWhen porting my original blog content over to the new platform I was unable to bring over the ratings or comments from the original posts.  I am keeping the old site alive within this one so that those original feedback items are not lost.  If you’re interested in viewing the old site, you may do so by clicking here:


It will open in a new window.  I will not be updating that site anymore, however.

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  1. Thanks! The windows will be lit Tuesday and Wednesday, May 17th and 18th. The text of SCR 4015 only indicates that it is to be done annually, so I expect it will continue to coincide with the week in which fallen law enforcement officers are honored. North Dakota’s commemoration is scheduled to coincide with the federal one.

  2. I am a retired Police CHIEF and have a copy of the Officer in uniform holding the small boy in his arms. The Officer is the one wearing the helmet. I have this picture and have had it since the 1960’s. Is there any way that I can order some of these prints? I realize that I cannot afford it but my main goal is to have many Police department’s have this hanging in the Police Station. I have mine in a frame and have gad for years. Would I be in trouble if I made copies myself and sent them out to departments that I am close too? Thank you for your help. Charlie Long

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