To hold a pen is to be at war. — Voltaire

The appeal of the blogosphere is that everyone seems to have an opinion, and likes to think that they’ll be heard. All of a sudden the blog and the podcast are invented…now anybody can broadcast their opinions in the hope of someone out there reading it and, hopefully, being persuaded by it. Thus the juicy appeal.

I admit I fall prey to this. I’ve been involved in public speaking through high school, and my college degree is in speech and drama. I’ve testified in front of numerous commissions, panels, boards, and hearings when there’s an issue about which I care deeply. I’ve written letters to many editors, called many radio shows, and filled out a truckload of customer comment cards. Not for my own glory, but as an outlet for my passion and beliefs.

Politically I come from the far right. I’m a Bible-believing Christian and vote to uphold our nation’s Christian heritage. I listen to talk shows such as Rush Limbaugh or others not to receive a daily indoctrination, but because of the collection of sound bites – it’s a condensed source of the nonsense our political leaders (on both sides) are saying. I vote according to my morals, not my wealth, and certainly not because someone has an R or a D adjacent to their name.

So, where are the politics? Don’t worry…every now and then I’ll post something of a political nature, but this will not become a political blog. There are thousands of other sites out there with similar political viewpoints to mine. They do the job fine…I don’t feel the need to try to join them. Besides, I have a family now, and I’m not going to steal time from my wife and boys in order to attempt to collect news readily available at sites far more popular than mine.

I started this blog for one reason: I love Bismarck and Mandan. Period. If I can do these cities a service by providing a somewhat daily insight into “the haps” from the perspective of a devoted citizen, well…let’s just say I’ve found my niche. Judging from the statistics from my server, it seems to be a worthwhile one.

So, while I write from a conservative viewpoint and express conservative opinion, my political posts shall likely be few and far between. That’s pretty hard with the major changes that Marxist in the White House is foisting upon our nation, but I will still try to refrain. I want to use my talents most often to extol the virtues of living in Bismarck-Mandan from the viewpoint of one of this area’s most enthusiastic citizens.

Clint F