Floatin’ and snoozin’

Bismarck and Mandan have a lot of nice scenic backwater to explore, if one is willing to get muddy shoes. I was willing to do so, and this weekend I had an arrangement with these two geese. By this arrangement they agreed that I posed no threat, and I agreed to move along after a couple of quick photos.

These geese were actually helpful in my approach of the Great Blue Herons described below. Under the watchful eye of the big birds, I stood by my tripod as these two geese walked by. They didn’t pay any attention to me and hopped in the water, and by doing so they demonstrated to the herons that I wasn’t worth much concern.

While they tucked in and took a nap in the sun, I was able to work my way closer to the big birds, eventually getting a couple of nice photos before they finally decided I was getting too close for comfort.

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