Ten Commandments posted at city limits

Although I’ve only had a few opportunities to pass through Alexander, for some reason it remains one of my favorite small towns in North Dakota. Working for the state DOT I’ve often been able to stay in small towns and go walkabout to explore what they have to offer. In fact, my experiences working around the state for the DOT’s Planning Division are what gave me my love of North Dakota in the first place…how’s that for a formative experience?

One of my favorite qualities of Alexander these days is the Ten Commandments sign posted on the edge of town. I don’t know who posted it, and I don’t know whose property it’s on. I just know that I like it. My travels for work had me working a rare Saturday gig this weekend, and also sent me up Highway 85. Thus I had the chance to pull over for a second and get a photo of this sign. I think more communities should have one of these!

On a side note, the western part of the state got a LOT of rain yesterday. I was disappointed to hear that Bismarck did not get the same. As we worked our way through western North Dakota and northward, the rain even threatened our visibility at times…and the North Unit of the TR Park was fogged in! That’s an unusual Badlands photo. I only got one shot due to time constraints, and didn’t even get out of the car. But it still turned out pretty cool.

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