Tower of Power

26th Street in northeast Bismarck can take you to some pretty cool places if you’ll let it. Saturday night after the KTM Sportbike Night, I rode out to a friend’s place north of Bismarck. Along the way I was treated to another blazing red sun in the horizon, so I stopped to capture this image. The power line tower served to put things into perspective.

Here we are, all teed up! Now we just need the universe’s largest 9 iron to make it interesting. I tried a number of different things to try to make the tower visible where the sun is behind it, but without result. Perhaps I’ll need to get into specific filters or something like that, which I’d like to do. But for now I’ll just have to get by. In any case, I think it looks pretty nice just the way it is.

By the way, it’s almost September! Enjoy those warm evening sunsets while we’ve still got ’em!

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