Pater familias …redux

I didn’t take four years of Latin for nothing…I wanted to be able to title this blog entry! Jonathan David joined our family yesterday afternoon, just as mommy had intended. He arrived after just five minutes of pushing, although I’m sure that was five minutes I wouldn’t want to experience. His older brother PJ required almost an hour and a half of pushing…so five minutes is relatively short by comparison.

I was about to head out for a 6am photo trip with a friend when my lovely wife informed me that the baby was coming. Almost 12 hours later, and 15 minutes before she predicted, he was born. Naturally. With enormous help from an epidural, of course.

This baby, like little PJ before him, is an enormous testimony. We’ve seen miracle after miracle with our boys, and not one single prayer has gone unanswered. In the beginning of this pregnancy, Stacy was diagnosed with placenta previa, a condition where the placenta forms below the baby . In extreme cases the placenta not only forms where the baby’s weight will cause it difficulties, but it also blocks the birth canal. That results in weeks or months of bed rest for mommy, plus a c-section for birth. When it is to the degree that hers was, it does not reverse itself. After fervent prayer by our family and our loved ones, this condition vanished. We’ve had a normal pregnancy all the way through!

At the time Saturday morning when I found out Jonathan was coming, we were still under the impression that he was breeched. That was what we’d discovered a few days earlier during a regular appointment. But when we got to the hospital, expecting a possible c-section again, an ultrasound showed that the baby was in perfect position. Prayer answered!

Thanks so much to everyone who besought the Lord on our behalf and on behalf of little Jonathan. He’s a wonderful little baby; content, a good eater who began nursing almost immediately, and a cute little thumb-sucker like PJ! Thanks also to our friends Shane and Erica for watching over PJ and Scooter. Now it’s back to business for this guy. Have a good weekend!

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