Sunrise on the Eve

My wife woke me up Christmas Eve to tell me of a lovely sunrise developing. I’d fallen asleep with my contact lenses in the night before, so I was pretty well ready to roll out of bed and into the truck. I’m so blessed to have a wife who realizes my need to just get out and roam, and she was graceful in getting me out the door for a brief Christmas Eve outing. I missed the red part of the sunset, but things stayed golden for quite a while.

As I’ve mentioned before, the best sunrise, sunset, or aurora photo is one with a nice foreground. I set out southeast of town in search of that foreground, which is why much of the color got away from me. No worries, though – I found the broken down windmill in the first picture, then moved on to this intact one a little further down the road.

I soon found myself in the river bottoms, in what looked like a graveyard for forgotten cottonwood trees. It was quite a sight, especially so given the sun’s position. I poked around down there for a little bit and even considered hopping out of the truck to pound a few rounds at the gun range, but I didn’t want to be out too long.

I popped out of the other end of the bottoms onto Highway 1804 and pointed the truck home. I gave the boys at KFYR Radio a Merry Christmas phone call along the way and caught up on the latest happenings in local broadcasting, then marched through the door to hug my wife and boys. It was nice to get out and poke around, yet get home early enough to enjoy the rest of the day with family.

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