NEWS ALERT – all wars have ended; someone held a concert

Apparently this is what a “concert for peace” look like. Pretty vacant, isn’t it? When I went to the park for the eagle statue pics (see previous post) I noticed some handmade signs declaring a “Free Concert for Peace” from 1:00 to 4:00 and a stage at the south end of the park. At this point they were about a half hour or so into the concert according to my watch, but it didn’t look like anything was really going on. So maybe they weren’t able to put a stop to war after all, really.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that the peaceniks have every right to their feelgood events, bumper stickers, and PEACE signs in their yards. That’s what America is all about, and it’s their right of expression. I just think they’re horribly naive and have a tenuous grasp on reality, and that’s my right as well.

Let’s take Africa, for instance. Do you think the murdering thugs in Zimbabwe, Congo, or the Darfur region of Sudan care one iota what a bunch of pacifist liberals in the USA think? They’re already murdering, raping, dismembering, and torturing their own people. Feelgood liberal attempts at “dialoguing” with someone like that will have little result. Not only are the people subject to violent oppression worldwide oblivious to the choice of bumper stickers affixed to your Prius, they’re also unaffected by it.

Evil people understand only one thing: consequences for their actions. If all they have to fear is some finger-waving UN adviser or tie-dye wearing liberal peacenik, then there is no fear. Consequently, the violence goes on unhindered. All the concerts, awareness campaigns, and other such nonsense have zero effect outside the idealistic bubble that these folks have made for themselves.

I suppose this is the product of so much humanism, secular and otherwise. In order for a peacenik utopia to ever take form, there would have to be an inherent goodness in man. Guess what? It ain’t there. And if you remove that item from these folks’ ideological house of cards, the whole thing comes crashing down.

Well, I hope the folks at the concert had a good time. They sure had the right weather for it. I also hope nobody walked away with the illusion that this was actually “for peace.” Even if they persuaded a hundred people at a concert like this, it wouldn’t make a single difference; the only people whose hearts need to change are the murderous thugs all over this world, and you’re not going to do that with a guitar.

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