Consolation and “the nice man”

Our church is going to have some of our supported missionaries visit us this month. I’ve met some amazing missionaries in the past few years, and I look forward to reconnecting with these people when they stop through. As I ponder some of the past missions events we’ve had, along with some of the wonderful missionary families who have come, I was reminded about a pair of stories that really struck me as a relatively new husband and new Daddy. Click below to listen.

These moving words were spoken by a missionary to the Pacific who visited our church this weekend. He’s been on the field it seems like forever, and you can tell from his stories that he’s made some great sacrifices over the years as all missionaries do. I’d love to give him direct credit, but some of these guys take a risk being in the field, often political and sometimes physical. Putting their names on the Internet can sometimes cause unintended harm and I’d hate to risk doing so.

Hopefully by electronically enabling you to hear this man’s words, which moved me as I struggle to be a good daddy and provide my little boys with blessed memories, I can pass along some of that consolation he was talking about.

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