Come see what all the buzz was about

I was at a friend’s house the other night when I noticed that they had some of the most unblemished flowers that I’d ever seen, just sitting there beside the garage waiting to be photographed. I had some time this afternoon so I stopped by with my camera, caught a fleeting bit of sunlight between the clouds, and snapped away. Bonus: the flowers were crawling with various species of bees.

“Say, do you mind? I’m working here.” This fella didn’t look particularly thrilled at my nectar interruptus. This is perhaps my favorite shot of the day.

I caught this bee coming in for a landing along one of these pale yellow flowers. I don’t know what plant species it is, but it’s handy that they are as tall as I am. For the shots on the orange flowers I was pretty much laying in the grass and on the sidewalk.

Even bugs stumble sometimes, and this was one of those rare occasions where I was in the right place to catch it. Oops. “I meant to do that!”

“It’s coming right for us!” This was pretty trippy through the viewfinder. I took most of these at a distance of approximately six inches, the closest my fancy macro lens is able to focus.

Bring your own straw and drink up good, because the forecast was calling for a 50% chance of thunderstorms this weekend. Yuck. I’m glad I was able to share this little window of sunlight with the bugs. Maybe this weekend will contain some thunderstorm or lighting photography!

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