Saturday night sunset

I arrived late to a friend’s tailgate party southeast of Bismarck last night due to some freelance video work in the afternoon. I knew it would be getting cold, so I stopped at home to exchange a motorcycle for a truck (besides, motorcycles don’t have tailgates) and work my way out of town. When I got there I simply had to hike to a suitable vantage point for this sunset. I could see it beginning to develop before the sun even got to the horizon, so I waited with my 10mm wide angle lens.

I was hoping that the color would cast across all the wispy clouds at the top, but that wasn’t the case. No matter; it was still a very dramatic show! I hung around until the colors began to wane, packed up my gear, and proceeded to find a warm place to restore the feeling in my fingers. It was a fantastic treat so witness such a nice sunset, something that’s been missing in my life lately. I’m not the only one who saw this, as I’ve seen some other pictures pop up on Facebook and elsewhere. I’m glad we all got to share it!

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