Cell phone sunset

I set out before sunrise with my camera today, logging about 150 miles of rural roads and a LOT of trudging through the snow with my gear. I got a lot of great shots, but this actually came from my cell phone late in the day. Upon my return home early this afternoon, I ditched the camera bag and took my little boy outside to build a snow fort. Once that was satisfactory, we went to Tom O’Leary hill for some sledding. One last stop at the airport to watch a jet take off, and we were set for home. That’s when I noticed the really cool sunset. All I had was my cell phone, so I did the best I could and headed for home base. I’ve got both toddlers bathed and in their pajamas, and they get to watch a Thomas the Train movie tonight. What a satisfactory day, and I haven’t even had a chance to look at the photos I took earlier!

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