Towhead sunset

You can’t tell from this photo, but my two little fellas are white-blond boys just like Daddy. In fact, I posted a bunch of scanned photos of me from when I was their age, and quite a few people thought I was posting pics of my boys!

The term “towhead” comes from gutter German, which explains why it’s such a popular term in our area. I really didn’t know much about the term until we had the boys, then I heard it a lot from people admiring them.

We three dudes watched a big jet take off tonight as the sun set, in addition to going to the top floor of the capitol to look out the windows. We also saw some big construction equipment moving and played some games before going home to rejoin Mommy. Thankfully, Daddy got to play with the camera a little bit, too! Hopefully there will be more of that this weekend.

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