Uh oh…alert the NCAA, another “Hostile and Abusive™” logo and nickname have been spotted

I suppose that in the interest of consistency, the NCAA would have to find a way to ban the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe from something? I mean, since a bunch of busybody, politically-correct, out-of-state liberals know what’s best for us hicks out here in flyover country, shouldn’t they at least be consistent?

Let’s not forget how these people view the Native American people they claim to be looking out for. When the Spirit Lake Nation voted to support the UND Fighting Sioux logo and nickname, these same politically-correct types claimed it was because they were uneducated.

The NCAA started this whole sorry mess but have been reluctant to actually let the tribes have a say in the matter. The State Board of Higher Education is doing the tribes a similar disservice in trying to sweep this decision through without giving the people of Standing Rock a chance to give their input. Who’s being “hostile and abusive” to Native American people here? Clearly it isn’t the UND fans.

I was able to thank Klaus Lembke in person the other day for making a motion to reconsider the SBHE decision to go ahead with retiring the nickname. Nobody had the sack to second the motion. I wish there were more voices of reason in this matter. If the people of Standing Rock are okay with referring to themselves as a Sioux tribe, then perhaps the hand-wringing liberals could chill out and show some respect to the people they claim to be trying to protect.

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