Earl Pomeroy once again votes AGAINST North Dakotans, FOR the labor unions that bankroll him

Anyone see a trend here? The labor unions own Earl. He represents them, not you.

In an effort to silence political speech they don’t want heard this November, the Democrats are ramming through legislation to stop organizations such as the grass-roots “TEA-Party” style groups from making their collective voices heard in the fight to save our nation and our freedom. Among the distinguished enemies of free political discourse: our own Earl Pomeroy, naturally.

Who’s fueling the engines of President Obama and the leftist Democrat Party in their attempt to “remake” our nation? Labor unions. Public sector labor unions in particular, but they’re all in the same boat. Guess who gets an exemption from this new law they’re passing? If you said “Labor unions” you’re wise to the game the Democrats are playing.

It’s no wonder that Earl Pomeroy represents Big Labor instead of North Dakota; after all, look at the list of his top donors throughout his political career! Every one of those check marks indicates a labor organization bankrolling Earl Pomeroy’s re-election and buying his votes.

By the way, labor union representation in North Dakota is still under seven percent according to the government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. Even if every able-bodied union member in North Dakota was sending regular checks to Earl Pomeroy, they couldn’t compete with the out-of-state interests that own him.

It’s time to get Earl Pomeroy out of office. He has NOT represented North Dakota well over the past seventeen years. He’s a rubber stamp vote for the leftist Democrat Party. Send this post, the graphic, or a link to Earl Pomeroy’s donation information on opensecrets.org to your friends and family. Educate your fellow North Dakotans on what Earl Pomeroy’s been getting away with for nearly two decades. Let’s toss him out of office and elect someone who will represent North Dakotans and our interests instead of big out-of-state labor unions who want to wreck this nation and don’t care what happens back here in North Dakota!

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