One more tool for emergency awareness in Bismarck

If you’re like me or many of my friends, you cancelled your landline long ago (years, in my case) in favor of cellular. There are some drawbacks to going cellular-only, though, mostly in emergency situations. This should be of keen interest to all “cellular-only” residents of Bismarck.

A coworker emailed me the link to Bismarck’s “Wireless Notification” form yesterday. This allows use of the “reverse-911” system, used to notify residents of a certain geographic area, to reach people who don’t have a land line. It can also be useful if you’d like to receive notifications while away from home.

This could be extremely useful in cases such as the standoff in a south Bismarck trailer park earlier this month. With spring flooding around the corner, this can also be a critical tool in getting timely information out to people in an affected area.

You can check out the form by clicking here.
It’s one tool in the arsenal, not a failsafe, but it’s certainly a good way to help stay informed for those times when you need reliable information in a timely manner.

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