A new dimension to my photography passion

Lately I’ve had a little four year old helper on my photography trips! In this photo, little PJ is using my first digital camera, a point-n-shoot I got nearly ten years ago. He’s also wielded my Canon 20D and 7D DSLRs,although they are much more difficult for his little hands to hold.

He’s GOOD, too. So far I haven’t really given him any training other than to show him how to zoom and take the picture. I’m curious to see how he views his world through the viewfinder and am eager to see this perspective totally untainted by outside influence. In time I’ll teach him what I’ve learned about technique, but I do recognize that this kid has natural talent.

I’ve seen photos and video taken by adults with plenty of experience that are off-level, poorly framed, and the like…but PJ frames all his shots nearly perfectly level and has a good sense of perspective. I plan to nurture these talents in him and am beaming with pride to have a little photography buddy to go roaming in the truck with me!

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