Cellphone photo stream part 5

Sometimes even I don’t have a camera handy, and all I can do is make a quick grab with my cell phone. I don’t have an iPhone (yet) so the quality isn’t what I’m used to, but sometimes simply getting the shot at all is the best you can hope for. Here are some tidbits from a while back:

At the state EMS banquet last spring, a table of honor was set for those first responders who lost their lives – some in the act of protecting or assisting others.

When you’re a little boy, watching cars go under the skyway can be entertaining for a long, long time. Especially if you count the yellow ones.

A trip to the capitol over lunch brought a surprise discovery – a Lotus! I’ve driven one of these many times…on my Xbox.

Shootin’ the Eric Sevareid Symposium at the Belle Mehus. I made the DVD set of the keynote and other festivities from the week. Everyone apparently tried to ignore the fact that participant Dan Rather used forged documents to try to affect the outcome of a presidential election when he was CBS News’ anchor.

The Great Hall of the capitol. Soon there will be an enormous Christmas tree here.

Lowes was ready with plenty of Shop Vacs after the flood.

The Playstation 3 truck was in town, its driver apparently staying at the Kelly Inn.

It’s not every day you see a Blackhawk helicopter buzzing the lawn of the capitol mall. It’s even rarer to be standing beneath it!

Two down, one to go.

My little boys are absorbing their Daddy’s love of photography. Their toy cameras are starting to bore them; they more frequently ask to use one of my “big cameras.”

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