Hopping aboard another meme

I was a “gamer” in the sense of the Atari 2600, Apple // and Commodore computers, a beta tester for a few Mac game companies, and begrudgingly even X-Box. While I don’t own a modern game system or even have a clue about the major PC games out there these days, I do still have vintage game systems hooked up in the house and garage and a healthy collection of games on my iPod Touch. In that respect I guess I’m still a “gamer.”

It must be a deeply rooted trait, since I had one instinct as soon as I saw these road markings denoting new “bike lanes” in certain parts of Bismarck. Okay, one instinct besides the apparent waste of money. While there are two or three different sets of markings, concerning in that they lack consistency, this particular set looks like a set of “boost arrows”. These features, appearing in any number of driving games, cause wild acceleration once they’re driven upon. Sounds right up my alley. Sadly, they are of no effect outside the virtual world.

Interesting side note: although these things are only weeks old, many of them are badly faded. It took a while to find one worth photographing. Perhaps the City Commission could have reviewed the bids more closely or something, because the paint clearly is not holding up in areas of significant traffic.

In any case, I figured I’d hop on board a common internet meme, select “Impact” as my font, and bang out a quick little graphic. Note the historic Provident Life Weather Beacon in the background. My contribution to “teh Intarwebz” this week is complete. Have a great weekend!

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