Midnight vigil – from a different angle

Since I picked up this photography hobby a few years ago, I’ve taken countless photos of the capitol tower…especially over various holidays. I spent most of this Christmas sleeping off a cold/flu bug, but found myself back on my feet late on Christmas Eve. The family was tucked all snug in their beds (I have no confirmation of sugarplum dreams, however) so I decided to head out with my cameras for a little bit.

The sky was perfect, the weather fantastic, and Bismarck appeared to have drifted into a sleepy calm which is sadly uncommon these days. I roamed around for a couple of hours, and even found a new perspective on the capitol’s Christmas attire. Hiking along the walking path to the north, I decided to venture off into the snow a little bit and was rewarded with this shot.

I’m still on the mend from this nasty bug. I don’t think it’s influenza, but whatever it is I don’t recommend trying it. It deprived me of most of my Christmas vacation this year, but it couldn’t take it all.

I wish you a continued Merry Christmas, good health, and a Happy New Year!

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