Wispy windmill weather

sunset_windmill_hdr_27339-41One thing we’ve been short of lately is photogenic clouds. Ironically, those dry, hot August days haven’t been really conducive for great summer sunsets. In order for the sun to really provide a dramatic sunset, it needs some clouds to bounce its light, create shadows, and fill the sky with color. The other night we got just that kind of clouds.

windmill_clouds_27372-4_hdrThe wispy tendrils of these clouds were of a type I haven’t seen in a while, so I was excited to bolt out to one of my frequent photo haunts to put them into perspective.  Of course I used one of my favorite foreground features: an old windmill.

clouds_27387-9_hdrNow we have too many clouds to do much of a sunset photo at all, but the light rain is also a welcome sight.  I didn’t get to chase sunsets much at all for most of this summer, and plan to do a lot more now that I’ve got the opportunity, so when the rainy days pass by I’m sure more shots like this will appear.

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