Hard to consider them “Badlands” when they look like this in the morning



I understand that traversing this region in a horse-drawn wagon during any number of inclement North Dakota weather situations could lead one to term the Badlands as such, but in this era of modern convenience I can only conjure words such as beautiful, breathtaking, and the like.  At no time is that more evident than at sunrise or sunset, of course.





One other thing: critters.  That word may seem too diminutive for something as enormous as a North American Bison, but what the heck.  Thankfully they’re docile and don’t mind photographers.  I choose to use a long telephoto lens for my bison shots, thank you very much.



The herd is always on the move, and during this particular shot we got that lesson in frightening fashion.  While snapping away with the telephoto and allowing myself to get too wrapped up in the action, I pulled my eye away from the viewfinder to discover that the herd had all but enveloped our immediate area – car and all.  We hopped in the vehicle and made a slow, steady retreat.



I’m a city kid, so I don’t understand horses…other than that they are special, empathetic creatures.  I followed a couple of packs of wild horses and watched them interact.  Once they realized I wasn’t advancing on them, they got back to doin’ their lazy horse thang, and it was calming to watch them at leisure and play.

I am still busy with “new homeowner” stuff, but would like to get a couple of Badlands trips in yet this year.  You can bet that I’ll share the fruits of such journeying should my wish come to pass.

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