Cell phone photo stream part 7

Here are a few more photos in my latest batch of cell phone / iPod / iPad collection. It’s cool to always have a device handy to snap shots of whatever catches my eye, even when my 20-pound camera bag is at home or in the truck.

ipod_photostream_5842I posted some photos of this with my big camera, but I also snapped some with my phone.  It’s a tree that grew through the gaps in a picnic table, and it happens to look like a butt sitting on the wood.


ipod_photostream_0117I found myself at the state capitol one day, and I always have to take this shot.  I had a fantastic sky to work with that day.


ipod_photostream_0115Memorial Hall at the capitol.  I made the mistake of referring to it as the Great Hall one day, since that was how I’d seen it in some SHSND literature, and I was sternly corrected by a veteran on the Facilities Management staff.  Rightfully so…now I get it right.


ipod_photostream_5022I’ve had media credentials for the legislature for the past five session or so.  Here’s a quick pano from the gallery of the state House of Representatives.


ipod_photostream_5061I took my kiddos to watch a local R/C airplane club enjoying a day of indoor flight.  This is a dogfight in which the planes pull tissue-paper streamers, and they slice through each other’s streamers as they wage combat.  Pretty slick.


ipod_photostream_5017I like gourmet sodas, and Mac’s Hardware is the place to go.  Runnings used to have a decent selection, but not the past few times I’ve gone through there.  Mac’s, on the other hand, has expanded their offerings.


Think I’m done?  Not hardly.

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