Cell phone photo stream part 8

The blitz continues as I look through the archived photos from my various iOS devices, phones, or whatever portable thingamajig doesn’t qualify as a professional camera.

ipod_photostream_0132I hadn’t seen this truck in a while, but it was parked at the Little Cottage one day as I went by.  The back says “This Truck Contains Obama’s Stimulus Package”.


ipod_photostream_0083I took my family to see the Medora Musical this summer.  It’s celebrating 50 years.  It’s a great show and a great experience, but I just can’t enjoy it the same since my friend “Gentleman Wade” Westin passed away unexpectedly.  He was a fantastic Musical host and a remarkable man.  For the longest time I couldn’t even bring myself to see the Musical.


ipod_photostream_7372Getting ready for the football show.  Plenty of junk food on hand, of course.


ipod_photostream_0058I’m training some future photographers in my family.  Alliteration unintentional.


ipod_photostream_0047This was certainly eye-catching.  It looked as if someone yanked the chassis right out from under this Suburban.  I absolutely had to take a closer look.


ipod_photostream_6988I’ve never looked into all that’s required to do this sort of suspension modification to a vehicle, but I’m guessing it takes a lot of ingenuity.


Yes, I still have more.  Stay tuned!

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