Pining for more frost photos

Not for the fjords, mind you. I ventured about, searching for a variety of pines, and boy, did I succeed.


I found a variety of pine needle shapes, in a variety of orientations, with a variety of ice formations attached to them. And here we go…


I love the funnel-like cone of some of these. I hadn’t paid such close attention to the pine trees near my place, but I found out rather quickly that they’ve got some really interesting features!


Even among similarly shaped pine branches, I found an assortment of icy spikes on them.


These were so breathtaking, I didn’t even notice how cold it was outside…or how long I’d been standing out in that cold. Didn’t matter.


The orientation of the ice spikes tends to convey a sense of motion, or at least an indication of some bitter wind as they formed overnight.


What I found interesting was how some of the needles were coated in ice, while others were completely unscathed.


Others were barren on one side, but blasted with ice on the other. That makes a wonderful photo like this one possible.


Any guesses which direction the wind was blowing the night before? I’m gonna say from the right side of this photo. Call it a hunch.


Naturally the long-needled pines wanted to get into the game, as well. We can’t let the short-needled guys have all the fun.


There’s something star-shaped about this one which caught my eye. The direction of the spikes seems to convey a rotation of sorts, despite their haphazard directions.


Plastered. It’s hard to tell just exactly what is under all that ice, but trust me: it’s a pine branch.


It’s almost like a hairdo when it’s on one side, isn’t it? This one could be in a punk band, or maybe an eighties New Wave group.


And, with this glorious specimen, I’m spent. At least on the pine photos. I have plenty more frost (yes, Rime Ice) photos yet to come in future posts, but I’m trying to theme each of them. Stay tuned…

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