Meanwhile, out in the open…

So I’ve shown you a lot of close-up, tight shots of the frost (yeah…Rime Ice) of a week or so ago…but what else was going on out there? Plenty.


Hey, it’s me…so you know there’s gonna be an old windmill in there somewhere. This one was frosted along with everything else left out overnight.


Naturally, on a day like today one is going to go after some trees or other large objects which will show off their crusty coating.


Of course, it’s up to me to give it my own personal touch. I don’t know if I have a style or not…I just take photos, process them a bit, and stick them online. If I have developed a “look” unique to my work…well, cool.


Trees and a windmill? Say it ain’t so! I didn’t have to venture far from my place to find a target-rich environment last week.

I haven’t even begun to run out of frost (yeah, Rime Ice) photos, though. There are even more coming. I have to say that, especially in light of 2020, the “year that wasn’t” for me in many ways, the four days I spent chasing this icy phenomenon have been among the most productive I’ve ever had since I bought my first digital camera. And I’ll continue to share.

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