Frosty miscellany

I took a lot of other photos of the Rime Ice (affectionately referred to here as “frost”) stuck to various other things besides trees and fences. Oh, yes.


These were out in a ditch, and managed to barely hold still despite the breeze which was attempting to freeze my face off.


There’s so much going on right here. You can’t even tell whether I was able to feel my fingers at this point! But the spikes are grand.


When the Lord gives you this kind of stuff to point your camera at, you take the opportunity for the blessing that it is. You can always grip about the cold later, when you’re in your home office next to a space heater.


I’m not a betting man, but once again I’d be willing to lay odds on which direction the wind was coming from that night when these spikes formed.


Normally, these things are ridiculously annoying when you have to clean them up around your property. But not so much when they’ve got spikes of ice over an inch long protruding from them.


Suddenly, at least for a few days, they became beautiful. It’s amazing what a little touch of winter can do for something’s public image.


I wanna rock! Well, okay. Here’s one. I threw this in just to show you that even the rocks couldn’t hide from this wintry occurrence.


Don’t worry…I have even more frost (yes, Rime Ice) photos coming in future themed posts. Like I said, this was a very productive few days.

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