Another post featuring posts

I’m not trying to see how meta I can get with these posts about posts, but I love a good pun (or dad joke) as much as the next guy – if not more. I spent a ridiculous amount of time around that last post, but it wasn’t the only one which caught my freezing eye.


Here’s an example of the “white frost on a white background” challenge brought by the conditions that day. But I had plenty of photogenic subject matter!


The background may be artificial, but the subject matter certainly stands out better… would you agree?


In some cases – but seldom, on this day – going in closer works out pretty well for catching enough of a dark patch in the background to get the necessary separation. This one worked well.


Never let ’em see you crack, or they’ll ice you, man. It seemed every hard edge available was spiked with some of this ice that day.


This photo is pretty edgy, wouldn’t you say? The entire edge of this post was coated with a uniform row of icy spikes.


You might say these two are inseparable. Without a wire cutter, that is.


Some might point out that not all posts are metal. Fair enough. Others might claim that it’s fair to give metal its due. Out of context, but it’ll work in this case.

Fear not! I’ve got even more frost (Rime Ice) photos on the way…stay tuned.

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