Humor at the range

We recently took a group to a range in South Dakota to shoot for Marksman and Sharpshooter badges, and while we were there I spotted something I just had to share. See it yet? If so, you’ve got a good eye.

It’s cool that there’s a special lane just for those who utilize a wheelchair for mobility, but I give it extra points for the customized signage!

Ya gotta admire the job someone did at putting a semi-auto in this guy’s hand. It gave us all a chuckle, and I couldn’t wait to share this with my readers (assuming I still have some…I post so infrequently these days)!

If you’ll permit me a moment of bragging, I’d like to show you a grouping shot by my boy. I was able to cover this group with a quarter, shot with a gun he’d never even seen before. Proud Papa Moment.

So we had a great trip to the range! I got the photos and video I was looking for, my boy qualified for his badge, and I got something to share on the ol’ Blog. Trifecta.

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