2022 autumn colors, part three

I’ll admit it: I don’t care much for yellow. The only real exception which crosses my mind is autumn leaves! Well, we had plenty of yellow this year. I also enjoyed a lot of Kawasaki Green leaves as the yellow began to emerge, and that brought me great joy this year…

We had much more orange this year than in years past. The colors hung around for quite a long time before the frost.
Once again, I’m amazed. Usually it seems the leaves turn brown and/or drop before I get any photos of them.
Right place, right time. These rays seemed to bestow the color on this tree as the sun began to set.
Even at dusk a little bit of color still blazed on.
The spectrum of autumn in North Dakota. We don’t have as many reds as some other places, but wow…that gold.
Now this is a golden yellow I can really love! Breathtaking, innit?

Once again, I’ve got so many more to share. We’re well on our way, but we’ve got plenty yet to come!

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