Day four of breathtaking autumn colors

There are a number of factors which go into a good photo, and sky is at the top of the list. Not only did I have some amazing foliage and colors to work with, but the sky cooperated for once as well! Let’s take another photo journey through these amazing colors…

Not a lot of green remaining here. This is before the frost came to town.
There we go – a nice mix of color. I am such a sucker for that lime green color! Kawasaki.
Trees like this one are a total show-stopper. I found plenty of them.
This particular road really had it going on. I had my mom with me to check out the fall foliage, and it was a blast.
It’s the blend of colors that I love so much. And again, that green…
Unbelievable. I struck gold this year.

Well, I haven’t reached the end yet. Soon we’ll shift gears, though, and have some different fall colors of a kind I’d never photographed before! Thanks to my lovely bride for discovering them for me. She’s an inspiration in more ways than one!

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