A firth of fifth of fall colors

I know we’re reaching that dreary point where so many leaves have fallen, turned brown, or both, but hopefully these photo posts can prolong the autumn beauty for a little while until the snow arrives. It isn’t the dread of bleaker scenes which caused me to use the Genesis song title for the title of this post, though. I just needed a Fifth reference, and there isn’t any water in this post to make Firth relevant.

I’ve never been a fan of Spring because everything’s still so barren and brown, even when the nice, warm temperatures arrive. Fall is where it’s at, even when it begins to get really cold overnight. And then there are the photos. Instead of pining for the fjords, let’s bask in the photos of autumn beauty…

Taste the rainbow. I actually saw this in my rearview mirror and pulled over to point my camera back at it.
What a spread! I’m so blessed to have caught this.
A smorgasbord of color, with dramatic skies overhead. Just what a fella needs to destress and relax with a camera.
I thought this tree was cool simply because it’s so darn gnarly.
One more super colorful hill. Isn’t it spectacular?

Okay, here’s some advance notice: we’re heading down the road to some different fall photography, and colors I never expected to see. Y’all come back real soon now, ya hear?

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