Sunday is a day of rest…however…

This is going to be a slightly lighter post, since it’s Sunday. I will, however avail myself of the opportunity to share a few autumn-themed church photos in honor of The Lord’s Day!

This is the Rural Union Church in Morton County.
This church sits on private property, far from any public access. I have permission to visit, which I did at sunrise.
It’s actually really tough to get a good angle on this church and the trees.
With different clouds, I think I could really pull this off. Sadly, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Maybe next year…
Thankfully, I hedged my bets by visiting at sunset the night before! I was scouting but it turned out to be the best shot.

Tomorrow is Monday…that means a new week, and a new series of fall photos! We’re going to shift gears a little bit, and I think you’ll like the direction in which we’re heading. Rock and roll.

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