He brakes for rainbows

I don’t know what kind of bushes these are, but I do know they’re amazing. My sweetie first told me about these as she showed me some photos she took with her phone while out for a walk. Naturally I had to investigate them for myself! Here are a the first of many photos from this area. I presume you caught the B-52’s song title reference in the title of this post…

Remember how I said I like yellow-green gradients in the trees? How about these colors!
Greens, reds, and all points in between.
Not only the colors, but the curved shapes too…
Red. Sammy Hagar would approve. It was The Red Rocker’s birthday on the 13th of this month, ya know…
We haven’t had many orange leaves in the big trees, but I found plenty of them here.

This last one is the shot that brought me to this point. My wife got a photo of this with her phone and it took me quite a bit of strategy to get it with my expensive camera! The reason for this is that a phone’s camera has to fake shallow depth of field due to its small sensor size, while a digital camera with a huge lens has to fight that shallow depth of field. So in a shot like this, you end up “focus stacking” – taking multiple photos with a different focus point, then combining the in-focus parts of all of them into a single photo. It’s time consuming, but it comes with a big payoff.

I spent plenty of time here and made a repeat visit or two, so expect more cool shots from here tomorrow!

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