Had enough autumn color? Me neither

See what happens when the sun hits these colors? They develop a lot of contrast very quickly. It works here because this angle provided a dark background, but it can be really tough getting photos of leaves like this in direct sunlight. I lucked out with this one as I set up for another session with these amazing colorful bushes…

Here we’ve diffused the sunlight a little bit.
Do you notice the difference?
Red wisps mean this branch has seen its share of autumn.
Green, yellow, and orange, all in a row.
With an Oxford comma, of course.
Colors like this almost seem more appropriate for Easter than they do for mid-October!
This almost reminds me of fireworks! Colors exploding in all directions in spectacular autumn fashion.
Uh-oh…someone’s starting to look a little brown.
A reminder that Autumn doesn’t last forever.
Brilliant. Better to burn out than to fade away!
One more. Green and orange here, but brown within a few days. Frost changes everything.

That’s all for this location. As crazy as it sounds, it’s easy to grow accustomed to those brilliant colors after taking enough photos of them. The curve and curls of the branches and leaves make these even more special, but it is time to move to a new location. I’ll see you tomorrow from far, far away!

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