Some important Measure 3 information: PDF download and short video

With the estimated amount of blood money poured into North Dakota by abortion factory “Planned Parenthood” organizations approaching one million dollars, you can imagine there’s plenty of misinformation bouncing around out there. Of course, it’s all put out there by the pro-abort propaganda mill who see faith and religion as their primary adversary. No shocker there.

An informational sheet has been put together answering some direct questions that should probably address any concerns one might have about Measure 3. Those concerns would most likely be brought on by the disinformation campaign waged by the pro-abort bunch.

Click here to download the short one-page PDF file.
If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, you’re good to go. It may take a little bit for the program to load, but the file should download reasonably quickly. Click on the icon below to download the free Adobe Reader if necessary.

Now onto the video. This addresses some of the same disinformation sneaking around out there but can actually give more background:

There you go. This measure basically provides protection against people passing laws to stifle faith and religion, a war which is being waged heavily here in North Dakota right now, and does not do any of the weird things the pro-abort groups claim it does. Please vote YES on Measure 3.

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