Bismarck Tribune omits two important words from my letter to the editor: Heidi Heitkamp

About a week ago a letter I wrote to the editor of the Bismarck Tribune was printed. In it I called upon Senator John Hoeven to back North Dakotans’ view of gun control, reminding him to do more than just be “not Byron Dorgan.” I just posted the video of that original exhortation a few days ago, so scroll down if you haven’t seen it.

My writing style tends to be verbose at times, albeit not nearly to Clay Jenkinson levels, so I chose my words carefully. The original letter is posted below:

Dear Senator Hoeven,

Thank you for voting for the “fiscal cliff” deal to raise taxes on 77% of Americans, including my little family. Our tax increase is equivalent to picking out a monthly bill and doubling it, although you Washington types claim it was only punishing “the rich.”

At a Take Back Washington Summit a few years ago, I mentioned that we wanted you to win that Senate seat and be more than just “not Byron Dorgan.” Those high hopes are beginning to fade, especially after watching you waffle on 2nd Amendment rights on C-SPAN. Please reconsider who you represent: North Dakotans want no part of the gun control Senator Heitkamp’s ilk are proposing.

I wish I could keep the faith, Senator…but you need to earn it. You said, “We’ll have to see…” when asked about gun control. I felt the same way about your term in the Senate, and what I’ve seen so far is not what North Dakotans need from their Senator. I expect you’ll ask us to send you back for another term in a couple of years; please give us some reasons to do so by standing up for our constitutional rights.

I’ve seen longer letters to the editor, so I figured that I was within limits and likely to see my entire letter printed. So it was, minus one line inconvenient to North Dakota Democrats:

“North Dakotans want no part of the gun control Senator Heitkamp’s ilk are proposing.”

To whom am I referring? It could be the North Dakota Democrats who introduced their own weapons and magazine ban legislation in the state legislature this session: House Bill 1415 and House Bill 1416 (click on them to read the text in PDF format on the legislature’s website). These bills have since been yanked without discussion to avoid embarrassing Democrats.

On the national stage, who is it that’s talking about “gun control” (actually “people control” if they’re honest)? Democrats.

Who’s been quoted as saying that the American people need to be “brainwashed” when it comes to guns? Attorney General Eric Holder, a Democrat.

Who has said, “If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States, for an outright ban, picking up everyone of them (every gun) Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ‘em all in. I would have done it”? Senator Feinstein, a Democrat.

Who is taking to the stages across America and lecturing us once more on what we “need” – this time for hunting? Democrats.

Senator Heitkamp herself has had to perform an intricate dance in order to placate the fringe groups who helped her win her Senate seat as well as her party masters in Washington, DC who want to charge full-tilt toward gun control…all while trying to cling to the “independent voice for North Dakotans” mantra on which her campaign was based within our state’s borders. If she wants help from the Democrat National Committee in another five years, she’d better deliver on the liberalism. Doing so will remind North Dakotans what happens when you send another partisan leftist to DC our behalf.

Given the fact that Heitkamp’s support came largely from out-of-state organizations seeking to enforce a Democrat majority in the Senate, I expect her loyalties to continue to lie with those whose values oppose those of North Dakotans, as do the loyalties of Democrats even within our own legislature. For some reason, making even a passing remark about this association is too much for the Bismarck Tribune to let slide.

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