Aaaaahhhhh…now that’s more like it

sunset_32646What distinguishes tonight from just about every other night in recent memory?  I got out with my flippin camera, that’s what!  I took the day off and spent it with my family, then met with some folks on fixtures for the home we’re building, and then had a chance to grab my cameras (and one little boy) for a dash to the river.  I handed him a camera, albeit without a memory card until I realized my mistake, and had mine as well.

It was a short window of opportunity.  Things got gold really quickly for us, but then the clouds you see on the horizon above rolled in and prevented the sun from splashing any other colors across the sky ahead.  That’s okay…we took advantage of our opportunity.  I’ve often said that any photo trip from which I bring even one photo I like is a successful trip.  Today was an obvious success.

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