I guess there’s still grant money available out there

In the spirit of the Thunderbirds eyesore and the big shiny white whatchamacallit along River Road, it looks we’ve got another monstrosity being assembled in Pioneer Park. Either someone’s a really good grant writer, or we have some skewed priorities in the Parks & Recreation department. The good news: we’ve reached the end of the path, unless they decided to work their way southward in the future!

I know it’s probably a matter of personal taste, although I haven’t encountered anyone who likes the giant blue monstrosity down by the Grant Marsh bridge. Some may argue that you can’t put a price tag on cultural “enrichment” but it looks like somebody found a way. The question is, who’s paying the bill? If we’ve got money for this kind of thing, perhaps we could work on lighting or other more usable projects along the path.

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