Luke Graner Band

Tonight I took my boy and strolled him around the downtown area, as it was Urban Harvest night and our pal Luke Graner was performing. We met up with some other friends and enjoyed the evening’s show. In addition to some of our old favorites, we got to hear a new tune or two as well. There’s a ton of stuff for a seven month old boy to see, too. I snarfed some A&B pizza, he had some grape Pedialyte, and we brought home a bag of popcorn from the Walrus.

While at the line at the Walrus counter, I had the opportunity to thank Randy. I had the opportunity to tell Randy and his folks how the Walrus is special to my wife and me. Our first date was at the Walrus; I got food from the Walrus for our picnic when I proposed to my wife at Pioneer Park; on our wedding day, we went straight from the church to the Walrus in our wedding garb; and the Walrus has been our anniversary spot as well! They serve all kinda of good stuff at Urban Harvest as well.

Luke and friends (and sister) played for a while, then handed things off to Fat Dad. A fun time was had by all, and little PJ and I decided to walk the downtown area for a while before going home. Urban Harvest is quaint but not my cup of tea, since it’s a little too hippie-ish for my tastes. It’s interesting to get a glimpse of the fantasy world of the peaceniks though, and it’s a harmless little weekly festival. There’s good food and live music, and it was great to be out on a night like tonight. My boy saw a lot of friends and a lot of new things, and I try to never miss a chance to see Luke perform.

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