Old MHS Open House, Part Seven of Many

I’ve mentioned before that I never intended to photograph or write a “tour of ol’ Mandan High”, and I have not. In fact, for a good portion of my wanderings I put my 100mm macro lens on the camera! Instead, I opted to find and capture interesting sights in my alma mater. Like this photo, for example: it makes a clever play on the Mandan slogan, “Where the west begins.” I like it.

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Old MHS Open House, Part Six of Many

When I stopped in for the alumni / open house day last week, several of the hallways still contained pallets of bins. The bins contained the contents of the classrooms, items which need to be moved to the new school. But the most interesting part of these hallways: Well, the lockers, of course! After all, we all had one. Four, actually…one per year. Except I had five

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Old MHS Open House, Part Five of Many

The old Mandan High School building will be going away. At least, that’s the plan…although, as a Bismarck resident, I have yet to see a school building actually torn down once we’re told that it can no longer house students. They always find a way to reuse it and draw tax money. But enough of that. I figured that if I ever wanted to check out some parts of the school I always wondered about but had no access to, this was my opportunity.

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Fifteen years in the books

The photo above is the one which started it all. I had picked up photography in 2005, and I wanted a place to share it. And so it began on New Year’s Day, 2006. And, like many of you, I’ve made a tradition of visiting the capitol on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, whichever works out. I’ve only missed it once, a few years ago when I was busy having surgery at Mayo Clinic. Otherwise, I’ve a spotless record.

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Nailed it

Well, I went back to the capitol tonight…and got my breeze. I threw up some flash units and went to town, and got the photo I was looking for!

Special thanks go to Wayne Stenehjem for the inspiration. I’m just shamelessly ripping off this idea from a photo he posted on Wednesday night. I’m a little jealous I didn’t think of this composition on my own!