50th annual Mandan Art Show

This was the scene at the Mandan Community Center this weekend, which is where the 50th Mandan Art Show is taking place. Artwork was dropped off by adult and student artists, then hung carefully in place while all the ancillary details were handled. I climbed above the action with my 10mm wide-angle lens and captured some of the activity.

I have four pieces in this show, all are for sale. I spent hours late at night in my garage doing the mounting, matting, and framing. Thankfully I have a very glorious and enormous heated garage, complete with satellite TV and a fridge full of Dew. It still made for some long nights. That reminds me…if you ever see a photo on this blog that you really like and want to order a print, just contact me. I can make big poster-sized prints for you. Pricing details available upon request.

I guess the Mandan News has printed a history of the art show, and one of the ladies they featured (first year’s winner, I think) was a lady named Betty. I met her several years ago, last century I suppose, when my parents used to give her a ride to church. She’s passed away now. When I spent time with her on those rides to church I had no idea she was an artist, and I certainly was no photographer.

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