Mandan 4th of July Parade: an eclectic mix of random thoughts

I like this scheme a LOT better than the silver.

Someone at Prairie Rose Dentists has quite a sense of humor!

According to liberal journalists, a flag-painted vehicle is just fine unless you’re Sarah Palin.

My little boy PJ likes this trailer.

General and Mrs. Spry.

My little boys understand that soldiers protect & defend our nation.

Dunkie. His posture indicates that this is his last year in the Bizzo.

The biggest tow truck my boys have ever seen. Take that, Mater!

Savvy Skate & Snow shows some construction ingenuity.

Okay, these are cool…we’ve come a long way since the Honda Odyssey!

Giving Grandma a brief sitrep.

Miss North Dakota, Arianna Walker. I’ve been friends with her dad for 20 years.

Why do you put googly eyes on a combine? So you know where you stand with it…

Your boyhood Hot Wheels collection comes to life.

I was surprised at how short this year’s parade seemed, but I’m glad it took place. We typically only stay for a little while because we need to limit exposure to the sun, so we were caught off guard when the end of the parade passed us. It would be interesting to compare the number of entries this year compared to years past. Nevertheless, a 500 year flood won’t prevent Bismarck-Mandan from celebrating Independence Day!

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