Landmark protected, not hacked down

With the addition of an large new neighborhood south of Burleigh Avenue, many were up in arms regarding the fate of this tree, perhaps Bismarck’s most popular (Too bad I can’t say “poplar!”). For decades, people have passed the the right of this tree, and perhaps some daredevils to the left, while driving along Burleigh Avenue. After all this time, many don’t want to see the tree disturbed.

Growth means change, and change means…well, CHANGE. What do many die-hard Nodaks fear the most? You guessed it. Well, in this case, there’s nothing to fear for the immediate future. When the Bismarck City Commission voted to accept the annexation of a couple of plats of land to be used in this neighborhood, the question of the tree came up. As it turns out, the tree will be more protected than ever: it will be surrounded by curb and gutter. Change doesn’t have to mean you destroy the old to bring in the new…and it seems great care will be taken to avoid causing damage the the ol’ tree.

Did I hear someone at the City Commission meeting mumble “good hangin’ tree” or was that my imagination?

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