Even more horribly overdue: Independence Day Parade 2015

Okay, they’re a month overdue.  So let me unload.

parade2015_34846Here’s what it’s all about:  the American soldier.  After all, we’re talking about fighting for liberty.


parade2015_34844I think this must be Plasma man or something?   Or is it Prostate Cancer Awareness Week? Hepatitis Bob?


parade2015_34842Pony tow.


parade2015_34859Before and after.  I love Kawasaki Green or anything approximating it.


parade2015_34862Of course, in North Dakota even July 4th has a Zamboni.  Duh.


parade2015_34868OSHA approved?  Maybe just for parade duty.  This is the company that was listing cntree.com in their TV commercials on KFYR…the only problem is that it was an Indonesian site selling counterfeit shoes.  Oops.


parade2015_34869Love a progression of matching tractors!


parade2015_34898Becks promoting their Fort Lincoln Trolley.  Shoot, I haven’t ridden it yet this summer!  Okay, it’s on the list.  One noteworthy thing about this fire truck:


parade2015_34900It’s apparently a Bismarck original!


parade2015_34905Well, some are more festive than others.  ‘MERICA.


parade2015_34850Kawasaki Green and Suzuki Blue?  Bartlet & West knows how to get themselves featured on this website.


parade2015_34906Butcher Block always does cool floats.  But the animated Mater wasn’t the thing that I liked the most about this year’s iteration:


parade2015_34910This is why I liked it so much.


parade2015_34917Again…a stark reminder of what freedom costs.


parade2015_34918Infuriating that any of our own would be left behind.


parade2015_34923Over $20 million PLUS staffing and operating costs?  A “thank you” is the least that Mandan voters should receive.


parade2015_34929Color guard.




parade2015_34958Lawrence Welk made North Dakota the home of the bubble machine.  This spa keeps the tradition alive.


parade2015_34961Seriously, folks.  This is what it’s all about.


parade2015_34972It’s pink, but it can lift more than you can.


parade2015_34968Unless you’re this guy.


parade2015_34856A whole range of John Deere tractors in procession, in order by model number.


parade2015_34976I’d say the kid knows how to race.


parade2015_34979A reminder to MOVE OVER when you see a law enforcement officer with someone pulled over.  It’s for everyone’s safety.


parade2015_34980As you can see from this side, they’re serious.


parade2015_34984Now that is colorful.


parade2015_34992And of course, there’s an opportunity to shoot a couple of free throws.

I’m glad the parade didn’t get rained out this year.  I miss the days, however, when everyone actually made floats.  Yeah, trucks and tractors and military vehicles are cool…but what about the creativity?  The most memorable participants in this year’s parade were the ones who made their own floats.   Of those, the ones who showed respect for the death and/or imprisonment of those fighting for our freedom were the ones which left lasting impressions on me.  Hopefully in future parades we’ll see that creativity return.

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