What it looks like without any wedding parties in it

heritage_center_atrium__37592I took my kiddos to Bismarck’s 144th Birthday celebration at the Heritage Center’s State Museum last weekend.  One our way out it occurred to me that I hadn’t really done any photography in the Northern Lights Atrium.  This was my chance.  After all, nearly every other time I’ve been there I’ve seen wedding parties getting ready for their photos.  In fact, there were a few such people there when we first arrived.


heritage_center_atrium__37595-2I like geometry, so of course I snapped a couple of shots and looked around.  This space is so busy with portrait photography that they had to start taking appointments and setting forth some common sense rules.


heritage_center_atrium__37590For some reason I really expected this to actually…do something.  But if you’ve driven by at night, you can see the disappointingly faint glow of someone’s homage to Northern Lights.  I’m not looking for a Pink Floyd concert, but some lights that moved or changed in some way would have been nice…and a far better tribute to the real thing.


heritage_center_atrium_37600Again…it’s all about the angles.  The beautiful skies last Saturday helped a lot.

If you’re looking to use the atrium for photography, here is a link to the finalized rules of conduct you should adhere to in order to help keep the building an enjoyable place for everyone as you share the space.

One thought on “What it looks like without any wedding parties in it

  1. Nice shots Clint. I snapped similar photos laying down when it was a bit dreary out. They turned out nice, but they definitely have a different feel than your blue skies. Thanks for posting the link to the guidelines.

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