Another reason to like A&B Pizza

planes-n-pancakes_ip_1888Click for larger version.

Here’s a panoramic photo of Planes and Pancakes, the aerial version of Buggies ‘n’ Blues.  If you follow my blog’s Facebook page you saw a pinned post with a copy of their poster listing all the various attractions during the day.  One of the highlights of this event for me, though, is the breakfast.  The breakfast consists of scrambled eggs, country style sausage, and fresh pancakes.  Yum.  It’s free with a request for donation, which I think benefits the local EAA club.

What’s cool about this is that Dave from A&B Pizza, an aviator himself, puts on the breakfast as a way of supporting the aircraft organization and helping assure the event’s success.  I wanted to issue a public “thank you” last year and never got around to it, but this year I’m giving props where they’re deserved.

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